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3 Life Skills We All Need And How Codeverse Teaches Them

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Codeverse studios teach students to code with our own coding language, KidScript, but we also encourage our students to be fun, interactive, and collaborative. Through the process of learning, exploring, and creating, kids gain so much more than coding.

Get Creative!

Your son loves finger painting. Your daughter is obsessed with Legos. Some nights it’s hard to get homework done because your child wants one more hour of Minecraft to finish a project. Kids have boundless creativity and as a parent, you want to encourage that flame to flicker. At Codeverse, we foster creativity first and use coding as a vehicle for art.

Coding is Another Tool for Creation

We learn how to write short stories, how to draw self-portraits and how to make pinch pots for Mother’s Day presents. So, why not learn to make creative projects for iPads? Coding means creation, and seeing the smile on a child’s face when they want to show off an amazing game they made is unparalleled.

Little Lines Add Up

From the outside looking in, writing code might look really technical, or maybe you’ve heard it takes years to master, but isn’t the same said about the fine arts? Writing code is like a Van Gogh painting- lots of little lines coming together to make something truly amazing. Just like sitting in front of a blank canvas, our students are encouraged to look into their inner mind and craft up what they’d like!

The Art of Collaboration

Being a modern adult means having to coordinate Google Docs, Skype calls, sharing calendars, book appointments online, sending paperwork via email- is there any part of adulthood that hasn’t been brushed with technology? Parents teach children how to share physical items like their toys and snacks, but Codeverse studios allow children a place to share intangible goods as well.

Sharing is Caring

Our interactive, social environment thrusts students into situations that require patience and teamwork. Whether it’s debugging a code together, bouncing ideas off one another, practicing pair programming, or playing interactive code games on our amazing 20 ft. TV wall, there is no shortage of social engineering in our immersive studio.

Digital Finishing School

Learning the etiquette and social protocol for collaborative digital production is an invaluable skill in the 21st century. By working together, students practice sharing ideas, how to balance time when doing group projects, and develop a sense of urgency. No one wants to wait all day for a reply on an email, and childhood is an excellent time to learn how to work politely with technology.

Miss Independent

Sorry Mom and Dad- Codeverse studios are a parent-free zone! Pulling from tenants of Montessori education, we support children in their endeavors, but never create prescribed, dry lessons. Kids have more decision-making power than most give them credit for, and we love to let our students take the lead on projects.

Wild & Free

We encourage children to take their project in their own direction and run with it. The uninhibited spirit inside all children is a beautiful thing. By giving an outlet for that, there’s no limit to what a child can create! The Codeverse interactive platform gives children real-time feedback and shows both consequences and successes straight away.

We Show, Not Tell

Our empathetic instructors are trained to encourage students to solve their problems rather than give the answers to writing code. By working out the code in their own time, we allow kids to grow their sense of agency. When they learn at their own pace, children are able to digest coding skills more fully for long-term retention.

Ready for your son or daughter to grow as an innovator, thinker, and creator?

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