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A Week at Codeverse: Winter Camp Recap


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Earlier this month, Codeverse students joined us for a four-day coding intensive camp. During camp, students designed and built their own custom games and apps, experimented with light, sound, and robotic technology, and enjoyed awesome field trips! Keep reading to check out our day-by-day breakdown.

Tuesday: Intro to Game-Buiding

Day 1 of camp involved lessons on Numeric Variables, Object Variables, Object Attributes, and Character Movement.

During free time, campers were able to explore and create in our interactive coding studio. Our studio offers programmable speakers, television screens, and concert and strobe lights which can be fully controlled by the children's coding!

Next, campers had the opportunity to storyboard and began building their very own mobile games.

alt Wednesday: Robotics

On Wednesday, campers worked with two or more the following coding tools based on age and experience:

Cubetto: Cubetto is an adorable wooden robot designed to introduce children to the most important basics of coding. This robot is perfect for younger children because it requires no reading or typing.

Crazy Mouse: Colby the Mouse is a programmable robot for ages 5 and up that allows coders to create a customized pathway for Colby to race!

Ozobot: Ozobot is a powerful robot packed in a delightfully compact cubic inch! It uses color codes for programming, so if you can draw, you can program! Multiple Ozobots can also race against one another.

Sphero SPRK+: Sphero is a programmable robot that can swim, race, light up, and connect with users around the globe! This robot is excellent for older kids who enjoy being challenged and appreciate a wide array of creative possibilities. The SPRK app allows kids to learn, create and collaborate all in one place! Plus SPRK+ is a perfect tool for hands-on learning!

Dash: Dash is a robot that children can program to respond to voice commands, dance and sing, and more! Dash is excellent for teaching children sequencing, logic skills, and physics in a way that is fun and creative. Additionally, Dash's accompanying apps and extensions accommodate a variety of ages and skill levels.

All robots were curated by our curriculum designers and picked specifically because they reinforce the coding concepts kids learn during camps and classes at Codeverse!

alt Thursday: Lights & Sounds

We kicked off Thursday with a super exciting field trip to the Apple Store. At the Apple Store, campers used GarageBand to create their own music tracks!

Upon arrival back at our studio, campers participated in an offline coding game together. They returned to discover that the Codeverse had been struck by an alien invasion! To save the studio, campers had to use code to position our interactive concert lights to strike the aliens with their light beams. Next, the campers used code to change the color of their lights from green to red to eliminate the threat. Our campers were coding superheroes!

After saving the world, our campers worked on developing their own unique light programs in our interactive studio, and continued working on their camp-long gaming projects.


Friday: Project Demo Day

On the final day of camp, all campers were able to share their games, apps, light projects, and robotics projects with their fellow classmates and families.

Check out these featured games created by two of our winter camp students:

Da Course by Reese alt Collect the pizzas, but beware of the spikes and falling barrel!

Hit Speedy by Sawyer alt Guide the cat to pounce on Speedy the Dog- but be careful, Speedy lives up to his name and if you miss, you lose!

Does this engaging camp sound like the perfect week for your child? We're offering an Early Bird Special for our 2019 Winter, Spring, and Summer camps- so sign your child up now for this exciting and educational STEM experience!

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