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Codeverse Tech Spotlight: Blizzard Lighting

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Blizzard Lights: Shining Bright at Codeverse

When picking equipment, Codeverse is anything but nonchalant about the decision-making process. We knew we wanted our kids to have a fun, interactive lighting system- and Blizzard Lighting was our favorite pick to do the job. Blizzard started off in 2010 as a small Wisconsin business, and has since grown to be one of the most reputable names in professional-grade lighting! We have chosen Blizzard's Switchblade Micro as the star of our programmable lighting projects.

Here is an example of what Blizzard Lighting can do:

When you think of innovative lighting, I bet you think of "The Clapper," but I'll have you know- technology is so much cooler nowadays. With the rise of electronic music festivals and DJ shows has also come a rise in light, laser, and sound displays. Technology has certainly advanced since the days of rocks shows featuring simple fog machines or laser shows at the planetarium. Creating intricate displays with lighting has come into its own as an art form.

Kids Steal the Spotlight at Codeverse!

Now kids have the opportunity to practice lighting displays using professional-grade equipment! We are a coding studio for kids, so we have made it possible for our students to program light displays using our own coding language, KidScript. KidScript is an easy to read, easy to write coding language where kids type REAL lines of code- no experience necessary! While practicing their new coding skills, kids also experience other types of learning- like color theory and geometry.

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Kids learn from an early age that firetrucks are red and the sky is blue. They know red and blue make purple. Color theory has traditionally been taught by mixing paint, but what if there was a way to do it without making a huge mess? That's just one of the lessons our students learn from playing with Blizzard lights! These lights feature a full RGB color spectrum and can be mixed on our iPads many ways using our coding language, Using our coding platform, kids can mix colors and experience color theory in a very interactive way and get immediate results before their eyes!

Students will also learn basic geometry and angles by controlling the pan and tilt of the lights- no formulas needed! They can experience hands-on how moving a light 45 degrees, or even just 3 degrees, can have on their project! We have multiple lighting stations throughout the studio- including a dimmed room where the lights really come to life. Kids can work individually or in groups to practice lighting concepts, play games, make music videos, whatever they can dream up- we can help make happen.

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Blizzard Lighting is just one of many gadgets in our studio. Students will have access to this in our 75 minute weekly classes- and we have a whole day dedicated to lighting experience in our weekly summer camps starting Aug. 7-11, Aug. 14-18, Aug. 21-25, and Aug. 28- Sept. 1.

If you and your child love tech as much as we do, reserve your spot soon!