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Featured Post: Common Core, Computer Science, and Curious Children

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We’ve all heard that childhood is the best time for educational growth- that children are sponges eager to soak up information. We give infants toys to aid exploring their environment, read picture books with toddlers, encourage kindergarteners to draw silly pictures, and slowly introduce the concepts of math, reading, science, history, and every other subject; you might notice a big gaping hole in that description of education: computer science.

Computer science is entirely its own academic discipline that should have an equal share in a day's worth of learning. Kids nowadays are constantly surrounded by screens: iPhones, iPads, smart TVs, car navigation, even most modern refrigerators have screens on. So why then, are we waiting until university for students to learn how these everyday objects work?

Let’s look at the Common Core standards for technology for elementary school students.

Technology standards show K-5 students should be able to:

  • Touch Type
  • Make Media Presentations
  • Understand How to Watch/Pause/Rewind Videos
  • Copy & Paste text/graphics

Personally, I have seen most toddlers be able to pick this up without any formal instruction.

One glaring problem I see with technology education in school is that we aren’t utilizing children’s natural curiosity to teach why and how computers work. It’s a well accepted idea that children learn best through exploratory play. Computer programming and coding can be some of the most creative and experiential aspects of technology education, yet there is little being done to support this in schools- and not because students aren’t interestested, but usually because of budget issues or under-educated teachers.

Enter Codeverse’s Exploratory, Immersive, State-of-the-Art Studio

We aim to change all that. Our coding platform teaches real coding skills. In addition to teaching logic and computing skills like: algorithms, loops, Booleans, etc., we also give students an outlet for creation and exploration using technology.

Our curriculum was created by real technologists and computer professionals with children in mind. They broke down the essential pieces of computer scripting and have created KidScript: an easy to read, easy to write syntax language. Using KidScript, students write out real lines of code to create apps and games, interact with gadgets around the studio, and work together on various projects. Students are able to see firsthand how using code can make real impact on their surroundings, and that's powerful for a young mind. We have made the ultimate computing tool for curious children- a great supplement to Common Core education.

Looking to immerse your child in technology at our interactive studio?

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