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4 Common Misconceptions about Coding

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Coding is a hot topic, and anything worth talking about often has some misconceptions. We’re here to shed some light on some of the most common myths surrounding computer science, coding, and programming.

1. Coding is for introverts.

Some people associate computer work with being alone in a room typing away into the night, but that’s far from the truth! Programming and coding jobs often involve working on a team to complete projects and goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day - nor by a single person. Same is true for computer projects! Computer science requires lots of teamwork and communication to make sure all of the pieces come together. This is why we make lots of group projects for our coding students. Not to mention, working on something fun with friends is always better than alone!

2. Coding seems boring, isn't it?

Not at all. It is extremely creative and imaginative. Coding is sort of like a mix of logic puzzles and language arts. You have to use the right words in the right order to get the project to work, but that can also be fun! Codeverse also has created their own language, KidScript, to cut down on a lot of the complications that other coding languages have so that it is more straight forward for our students to understand their project.

Having the power to change the color of the lights in the room just by changing a few numbers in a code is far from boring - it’s downright fun! Our coding program and interactive high tech gadgets also give kids the most interactive, creative kids coding experience out there!

3. Coding is based entirely on math.

Computer science and mathematics are two entirely different categories of academic studies. Creating code uses a lot more words than it does numbers. While Codeverse does have some math aspects in the curriculum, it is more game based and exploratory than it is pure solving equations.

For example, students can explore angles by choosing which way to tilt a light or explore ratios while doing 3D designs for our 3D printers. Our students experience math in the same way that everyone experiences math everyday. KidScript is very easy to read and easy to write, so that strong math skills aren’t necessary! In fact, our curriculum is simple enough that even students as young as first grade are able to learn coding.

4. Coding is only for people who want to be programmers.

This is growing further from the truth every day! Coding is the building block for understanding technology. It’s like studying DNA and atoms to understand biology or learning how to spell words before writing a story. We teach all of these other parts of education, yet somehow coding is still being left in the cold. Coding helps students understand the full context for technology. With technology becoming a part of every single sector: from art to business to even libraries, the need to understand technology is growing greater and greater.

No one would want to work for a boss who says, “I don’t understand economics - I blindly trust my accountant to do it all.” Same can be true for technology. A good employee in any field tries to be well-rounded on all subjects. Not to mention, coding itself teaches way more than just pure coding skills. It introduces logic, organization, and a full understanding of how our technology-driven society works.

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