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Codeverse Tech Spotlight: CraftBot 2 - Craftunique 3D Printer

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What should I know about 3D printing?

Simply put, 3D printers layer very thin stacks of moldable material on top of one another to craft up whatever design your child can dream of! As you know, 2D printers require a word processing document, but 3D printers need 3D model “blueprints” designed with computer-aided design (CAD) software. By using 3D printing, students stretch their creative muscles, use critical thinking, and learn the basics of geometry and physics by using real world applications.

While the technology has been around for 30 years, it wasn’t until recently that products were made readily available for at-home use, making it the most exciting time for young learners to get their hands on it! 3D printers can be used for small daily items like tweezers, combs, or phone cases, but also for industrial applications like custom limb prosthetics, printable houses, and NASA has even crafted up plans to 3D print structures on Mars.

Codeverse Loves Craftbot!

At Codeverse, we house several Craftbot 3D Printers. Its plug-and-play style fits well with our interactive, kid-friendly classroom and is an ideal model for educational environments. The cutting-edge printing software allows students to see a physical representation of their work and allows them to really play with spatial learning. The slicing software that creates the printable layers is quick, reliable, and efficient- allowing prints for multiple students each day. At Codeverse, no kid feels left out of the fun. Other machines may be slow, noisy, and difficult to use, but with the Craftbot 2, our students can craft whatever they draft.

How can my child get their hands on this?

Codeverse students use our innovative new programming language, KidScript to design models- a bookmark, a figurine of their favorite animal, anything they can dream up! The best part is creating something unique to the child's tastes- something physical and tangible that students can share with family and friends. They can even recreate their own character designs from the games they created using our iPad platform app designer.
In our immersive, weeklong summer camp program, running throughout August in our state-of-the-art Lincoln Park studio, students have a full day devoted to modeling! In addition to laser cutting and CNC milling, campers design a small figurine with our 3D printer to take home by the end of the week. It’s the best way to get access to professional-grade software and dive headfirst into our interactive maker lab.

Are you as excited about 3D Printers as we are? Read more about our summer camp and reserve your child’s spot today!