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Featured Game of the Month: Fish vs. Fireball!


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Fish vs. Fireball was developed using KidScript, Codeverse's proprietary coding language designed specifically for ages 6 to 13, by 1st grade coder Dhruv, who has been attending classes at our Lincoln Park studio since November of 2017! As a Codeverse student, he has been developing several mobile games like this one, as well as complex lighting programs that interact with our coding studio. We are so proud of how far he has come and can't wait to see what Dhruv creates next!

alt Tap to play Fish vs. Fireball!

You are the fish. To win the game, collect the key and return to the water before you get hit by the fireball!

This game incorporates the following aspects of the Codeverse curriculum:

  • uses events related to both physics and non-physics objects
  • uses events with user interaction
  • uses text to create a “win” state
  • uses movement methods

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