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Q&A with Aldo Ordonez-Gauger, Instructor at Codeverse


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Last week, I sat down with Codeverse instructor Aldo to discuss his experience at Codeverse, his background in Computer Science, and his love of working with the children in our program! Take a look at what Aldo had to say below:

Q:What is your favorite thing about working for Codeverse?

A: It is exciting to facilitate a love of learning. It’s enthralling to help a student get interested in thinking of non-intuitive modes of logic, using old tools to solve new problems, or learning something new. I love it when students take the initiative to use the coding ideas and rules we’ve worked on before to solve new problems and create new behavior – all by themselves.

Q: Can you give a brief summary of your academic and professional experience with computer science?

A: I will soon graduate from DePaul University with a BS in Computer Science. In this Spring of 2019, I will attain my MS in Computer Science and Data Analytics. Additionally, I research at DePaul with the Center for Data Mining and Predictive Analytics where I recently co-authored and published my second paper on fairness and accountability within recommendation systems.


Q: Why do you love working with kids?

A: Each of our students makes Codeverse an absolute joy. Together we create games, solve problems, come up with new ideas, and do a whole lot of coding! It's awesome when a student asks a question and we work together to figure out the answer. It’s fun to collaborate with my students in framing problems and coming up with solutions. I also love when students become comfortable in the studio, with KidScript, and coding in general because watching their progression reminds me that that I am literally teaching the future.

(Check out our FAQ on KidScript for more info about Codeverse's own coding language designed specifically for kids!)

Q: What advice would you give to a parent whose child is interested in coding?

A: Talk to your children about the games they play, or any coding that they do in school or in external programs. It’s important to discuss projects they are working on or have made, because anyone who can explain coding concepts in plain language is demonstrating a deep comprehension as to how we can use code to create anything!

When kids use KidScript at Codeverse to create their own unique games, there is value in having them explain the steps they take to make those games. Even something as simple as having your child answer questions like "How did you make that cat collect that coin?" or “What is the name of the character you created?” gives them an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of concepts such as variable declaration and the inherent power of variables in software engineering.

It’s also great to work with your child to come up with ideas of things to try to make with their code – you can draw inspiration from a game you used to play as a child, or board games or video games you play together as a family!


Meet Aldo (and our other fantastic instructors!) at our interactive coding studio, and help us reach our goal of teaching 1 billion kids to code! You can book a free trial coding class for your child right here.

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