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Q&A with Samantha Johnson, Professional Soccer Player


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Codeverse co-founder Katy Lynch sat down with Red Stars professional soccer player Samantha Johnson to discuss her life, career, and the importance of learning to code.

Katy: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Samantha:I'm a professional soccer player for the Chicago Red Stars. I grew up in Palmdale, CA and attended the University of Southern California.

Katy: Did you always know you wanted to become a professional soccer player?

Samantha: When you're a kid your imagination is wild and your grasp on reality is nearly non existent. I told my teacher when I was in 5th grade I wanted to be a professional soccer player just because I liked playing soccer. I can't say I didn't actually believe it would happen , let alone how it would happen.

Katy:What life lessons have you learned from playing soccer?

Samantha: Soccer has served as my personal vehicle for success. It's something I've dedicated my life to and the game has definitely repaid me in full for my effort. I've learned life skills such as working with others, effective communication, time management, attention to detail and working under pressure to name a few. One skill that I value the most if the ability to take criticism and progress as player and person. It is extremely difficult to be honest with yourself but it is critical that you do and sports has taught me that.

Katy: Why do you believe coding is an important skill to learn?

Samantha: Coding is the future and a very important skill to learn in order to adapt to our tech-progressive society. It is amazing to have accessibility to code language and understand how to code. I wish I had that this type of program growing up. The future is bright and kids will now be prepared to understand technology on a new level. I believe coding will be the future standard for education.

Katy: Who is/are your role models?

Samantha: People are my role models. I love learning from people. I'm open minded and interested in everyone's story because ultimately we all need each other to succeed. Bottom line is I believe in people and they are my role models.

Katy: If you could talk to your 10-year old self, what advice would you give to her?

Samantha: If I could talk to my ten year old self I would say to be fearless, confident and believe in yourself no matter what.

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