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Parent Profile: Q&A with Victoria Y.


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We at Codeverse work hard to provide a stellar program which satisfies both our students and their parents. But you don't have to take our word for it- read on to see what Codeverse parent Victoria Y. had to say about her family's experience with our program.

Q: First of all, could you give us some general feedback about your experience with Codeverse thus far?

A: I feel so very lucky, first of all - to have found out about Codeverse, so soon after opening and, secondly, to have had the opportunity to enroll my son in such a stellar coding education activity here in the city of Chicago.

Q: What, do you feel, sets Codeverse apart from other STEM programs available to your child?

A: Codeverse truly engages each and every child they serve, through meaningful, thoughtful and inspiring instruction. The intelligent, savvy entrepreneurs-owners and employees are 100% hands on and involved. This involvement of smart and caring invested adults, I believe, is a major difference that separates out this offering from others. The company's policy of flexibility and understanding and friendly and excellent customer service is another reason they excel.

Q: Describe the Codeverse program in your own words.

A: The Codeverse model of delivering a top notch coding experience and coding education consists of the following:

A) The owners/employees provide an awe-inspiring method of teaching coding with very small student groups to teacher ratios.
B) Your child will learn coding while housed in dynamic and architecturally interesting spaces.
C) The coding projects that the students can attempt are only limited by the child's imagination - however, that being said, also, there are many fun, interesting and "epic" coding projects set up and ready to go throughout the labs which serve as foundations for coding principles and "spark ignitors" to further creative thinking.
D) The sessions are led by enthusiastic interesting educators who are engaged with their clients during each and every step of their unique coding projects.


Take a look at what Victoria's son has been working on in his very own mobile game: Bad Trip! (Tap the link on your mobile phone to play the game. Guide the cat to the jewel at the top- but be careful not to collide with the fireball!)

Q: What has been your overall impression of the Codeverse staff and support team?

A: These people know what they are doing and they are "doing it right!" The administrators eagerly offer follow up with your child's progression for every session or periodically, so that parents will know exactly how our children are spending their time while in a Codeverse lesson.

Q: How does Codeverse stack up to your son’s other extracurricular activities?

A: Truly, I think of Codeverse more like a coding school than an extracurricular activity. My son is almost ten years old, and he has partaken in NUMEROUS clubs, activities and classes throughout Chicago during the years of his young life. NOTHING - no class, no club, no activity - has come close to giving him a parallel positive experience that he has enjoyed with Codeverse. He loves going to his Codeverse class and feels good about the coding work that he accomplishes while there.

As Victoria puts it: “Run, don't walk to sign up for this gem of an offering that we are so fortunate to have access to here in the city of Chicago!"

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