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by Codeverse

Windows of Opportunity (for Chicago's Kids)

2 min read

It was an exciting day for us at Codeverse! We put so much care and planning into all our projects, so seeing one finished is always a reason to celebrate for us.

On a cold, early Friday morning, the Codeverse team came with their game faces on to the Lincoln Park studio construction site to add a little pizzazz to our windows during the final construction period!

Here’s a glimpse into the behind the scenes work that we put into building a state-of-the-art, modern coding studio for Chicago’s brightest kids:

step one:

Previous Day: Creative Director, Kyle McConnell, designs all the colors, shapes, and phrases that make Codeverse great.

step two:

6:30am: Print, Print, Print!

step three:

7am: Wake up call! Codeverse Co-Founder & CMO Katy Lynch always wakes up with a pep in her step, but today she is up extra early to look over the window dressing before heading to the site.

step four:

8am: Papers need a lil' haircut. Our construction superintendent from Redmond Construction Corp., Neil Ebaugh, Codeverse Director of Operations Ainsley Faux, and CEO Craig Ulliott are down on the floor doing some hands on work.

step five:

8:42am: Up, up, up! Hanging the last of our posters on the window!

step six:

8:57am: Final product! All smiles here as we put our best face forward to the world.

The construction process has flown by and we're only a few months away from the official opening of our Lincoln Park studio on July 15, 2017!

Take a virtual tour and reserve your spot for weekly classes or weeklong summer camps running throughout August!